What harrowing tales were shared from the ride home?


I have two stories. In middle school my bus once caught on fire a block away from the school. It was a tiny one but enough to call the firefighters. We all piled off and watched them do their thing. They brought a second bus... which also caught on fire. Eventually we were brought a third bus 30 mins later. This was all during the winter and we weren't allowed to walk back to the school because of "safety reasons". Never understood why it was more safe to have kids standing outside in winter next to a bus on fire than to walk them a block back to the school.

The other time I was in 1st grade. My bus driver was a crazy nice guy. He knew us all. One day my aunt who always picked me up wasn't there at the stop. He said that I could stay on the bus and we would drive back after the route. Maybe she was just late. We drive back and she still wasn't there. So he asked me which house was mine. He drove us there and parked his bus. We rang the bell a bunch and threw small rocks at her window. Nothing. Her car was there though so it was very weird. My friend's mom drove by and saw us. She offered to take me to her house so I could call my parents and stay there for a while even though it was her birthday. Bus driver left and said don't worry, she's probably just asleep.

Turns out she was eternally asleep and had a brain aneurysm earlier in the day. I'll never forget that day or that nice driver though who wanted to make sure I was safe before he left. He even made sure to look out for me for the rest of the year. Great guy.



One time our bus hit a car in a roundabout. Guy we hit was completely at fault. He must have not understood the turning radius of a bus or something. We were close to school and our bus driver was like, "well, I gotta deal with this." So we got off the bus and walked to school.



I had a bus driver who would purposely speed up when going over speed bumps so the kids could "catch air". He got fired eventually for running into some garbage cans.



At Kidstop (our after school program for kids whose parents worked late) they had a van they would use when taking us on small trips. Every time we went somewhere we would always go hit the dip in the road a few blocks away first. Every time Donna drove she used to hit it a little harder and we got some serious air in the back seat. One day a kid chipped his tooth because of how violent the impact was. That was the end of that.

Rumor had it, the kid chipped his tooth on the ceiling.



2 cops dressed in SWAT gear riding the bus with us. A man had shot and killed 4 people in our neighborhood. The scene apparently wasn't "secure" yet or something, so they cops had to ride with us while the driver dropped us off.



Reminds me of an infamous bus-ride of my own. A friend of mine when we were like thirteen/fourteen threw his orange peel and a small folder out the top floor window of a double decker. Unbeknownst to him, a Police riot van was underneath and they had hit their windscreen. Two of the officers, dressed in riot gear, stop the bus, storm in and start fully SCREAMING, no holding back, until my friend stepped forward and admitted the blame. They seemed unhinged, roaring at us relentlessly with threats of prosecution. Turns out their bark reflected their bite, as the police ended up making an official complaint to the school and my friend got expelled for it.



All the kids on my school bus made a collective effort to buy our bus driver a kindle at the end of the year because he was always reading. He was such a cool and friendly guy too.

...Some more backstory, he was also pursuing a master's degree at the time and the year we got him the kindle was the last year he'd be our bus driver. He's been driving the same group of kids for about six years now and seeing him go was pretty sad for all of us. He even knew all of our names.

I hope that man is doing very well in life now.



We had senior kids setting off smoke bombs and fireworks on the bus. Every f***ing year for a month before and a month after Halloween.
A smoke bomb even landed on me and burned my skirt through once :(
When the bus drivers told them off they used to just swear and act like they owned the place.

One day we had a bus driver who just drove the bus to the police station when that s*** started, and a few of the kids who were throwing the fireworks were crying when they got taken off the bus by police. The buses had CCTV too, so they couldn't even deny it.

I was so glad when my older sister started driving and I could get lifts with her instead of going on the bus.



Once while picking up a kid, a dog got on the bus and everyone went nuts and started petting it. The driver eventually shooed it away.



On holidays when one or more of the schools were off, we'd still have to get picked up at our usual times. Mine was 5:30am and everyone who went to a school that didn't have a holiday would be on the bus before well before 6:30am, leaving an hour before we were supposed to be dropped off at school. She'd pull into the gas station, everyone would hop off and make a mad dash over to the Icee machine or candy section or grab a soft drink. She'd give us 10-15 minutes to buy whatever we wanted then everyone hopped back on the bus.

The afternoon was the fun part. If the bus was less than half full, she'd bring her 90lb+ dog who'd jump around the seats visiting with people. One time she got a new puppy and we passed him around, taking turns spending time with him and telling him was a cutie he was. That was hands-down the best bus ride ever.

Looking back, she could have gotten into a s***load of trouble. Everyone kept their mouth shut, even when they knew they wouldn't be on the bus to enjoy the moment. They'd have their day of fun eventually during the school year.



I had a really big crush on this guy. I was staring longingly at him through the mirror above the bus driver. Like dead on creeper staring. Then, he pointed or motioned towards me or something and I suddenly realized, "he can see me staring at him?! - OMG!" and felt like the stupidest person on Earth. I was like a damn cat thinking I can see him in the mirror but he can't see me drooling at him.



This is almost 30 years ago. My buddy and me were VERY big Star Wars fans and this was our first year taking the bus. We would sit behind the driver every day and whenever his little stop sign activated, a small red light on his dashboard would flash. Every time this happened one of us would reach past him, pointing and yell "What's that flashing?!" reliving the scene from episode IV in the Millennium Falcon.

We did this every day for months. Driver never asked why or asked us to stop. I'm sure he's long dead and often wondered what the f*** was wrong with us.


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