Almost all of us have found ourselves at a bar or two, staring at a pretentious bartender getting way too fancy on a drink that costs $20 and consists of a half-sip of liquid. Or, maybe worse, being presented with a drink that you're pretty sure might actually kill you.

To help us all avoid making those mistakes, bartenders got together and came up with a top 5 list of need-to-knows. The list is for all of us drinkers, or those of us who love a drinker enough to want them to not spend a ton of money on neon-colored drinks.

(5/5) Sour Mix.

That's right, the first thing on the list isn't even actually a drink. We're not at that level yet, people. According to bartender Joe Doose, of Arabella in Chicago, everyone needs to know how to make a properly balanced sour mix. Once you've got it down, you can use it to make things like whiskey sours, margaritas, lemon drops and lemonades.

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