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Purchasing Restaurant Equipment

restaurant platesMany people dream of quitting their jobs and opening a restaurant. Although the food business can be very profitable, the start-up costs can be steep. One of the major expenses when opening a restaurant or other food business is purchasing restaurant equipment. New business owners should realize that although restaurant equipment can be expensive, there are ways to reduce costs. One such way is to purchase used restaurant equipment. Used equipment can be purchased from restaurant supply companies as well as online retailers.

It is important to note that restaurant equipment must comply with local and federal safety ordinances and must be considered safe to use in a commercial kitchen. Inexperienced business owners can avoid complications with their local health and fire departments by not purchasing their equipment from regular home appliance stores. It is usually against code to use home appliances such as ovens, stoves and refrigerators in a food establishment. There are exceptions however. Although new restaurant equipment might last longer, gently used equipment with only minor surface damage might last just as long. The savings could well be in the thousands, however, many first time restaurant owners do prefer brand new equipment.

Coolers and freezers can be purchased from online retailers, and many times online retailers offer substantial discounts on shipping. In addition, smaller appliances, dishes and silverware can often be purchased at substantial savings through auctions. Typically, restaurant auction notices are listed in local newspapers and the notices generally list what is being auctioned off. By arriving at the auction site early, potential buyers have the greatest opportunity for purchasing the best selection of items. Sometimes auction participants might be charged an entry fee, however it is usually small and the money saved on the appliances can be great.

If the new restaurant owner prefers to purchase new restaurant equipment, the retailer might offer a discount when multiple items are purchased. This too can save the business owner a substantial amount of money, while purchasing brand new appliances. In addition, when purchasing new, warranties are generally more comprehensive and might cover the restaurant equipment for a longer period of time.  Whichever type of equipment the restaurant owner chooses to purchase, he should be aware of the pros and cons of buying new and buying used. The most important factor, however, is making sure the equipment works well and is safe to use.

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