19 Of The Most Shocking And Disturbing Things Kids Ever Uttered

Kids can say some pretty strange things, but sometimes the words that come out of their mouths can send a shiver down your spine. Whether it be creepy, sad or even seriously deranged, there is no denying that the following kids uttered some truly disturbing things to adults.

  • And Terrified You Should Be.

    And Terrified You Should Be.

    "It was grandparents day at my high school, and my friend and I were sitting with a four year old boy, and chatting with him. His name was Sammy, and we were talking about the age of some of the grandparents. Me: Sammy, do you think you are going to live to 100? Him: No, I'm not. Actually, I'm going to die really, really soon. Me: Don't say that Sammy! What are you talking about? Him: Yeah, I actually want to die real bad. If I had a knife right now, I'd stab, stab, stab myself! Friend: Aw, Sammy! But what would we do without you! Him: You could stuff me! And keep me in your living room! We were terrified. By far the creepiest thing I have ever heard a kid that young say" (Source).

  • NOPE!


    "'Let's f--k!' 'Um... wtf, no.' 'Come oooooon, let's f--k!' 'I said no.' (attempts to jump me) I was 15. He was 4. Four. He obviously didn't get to do anything, and I went to his mom (who was chatting in another room with my mom) and told her he was misbehaving, and then I went out for a walk. I don't think I told either of the two adults what he said, possibly because I was still at an age when anything sex-related was a no-no topic between me and adults. But it was creepy as hell, and felt really disturbing. Especially because he really seemed to know what he was saying, and meaning it too" (Source).

  • WTF Scooby Doo.

    WTF Scooby Doo.

    "My daughter's friend's Dad came in for a cup of tea one day when he came to pick her up. My girl, Izzy, was playing with a toy sword. Ian said to her, 'You know Izzy, the pen is mightier than the sword.' Izzy said, 'I know yeah,'cos you can stab someone in the neck with a pen.' I asked Iz, 'What have you been watching where someone got stabbed in the neck with a pen?' She replied, 'Scooby Doo.' I tell you, Scooby Doo isn't what it used to be" (Source).

  • An Unexpected Twist.

    An Unexpected Twist.

    "My autistic first-born and I were reading a book dedicated to teaching young children about death. The story was about a cute little bird found dead by other animals, laid to rest and life went on with the other animals celebrating it, while remembering the bird's singing. You know, an appropriate, polished, rather fine book. Upon seeing the bird in his grave before the animals started to throw dirt to cover its body, my son told me, 'I wish I were dead too.' I immediately went to traumatized mode, started crying and holding him tightly. We had spent a terrible day with so much yelling, so much shouting, crying, fighting. Like most of our days. Because of me. Because I am a terrible father to this sad, frightened, defenseless and wonderful little boy. I have too much difficulty in coping with his autism, who he is, what he does, what he's missing out on and how much I have to fight to teach him every tiny little thing the other kids pick up on organically. I immediately assumed he had said that because of all the stress, all the pain and all the sadness I was causing him. Then my boy added, 'The bird is sleeping. I'm so tired.' Huh! So he was just telling me he was tired, and this was the way he had found. 'OK, sweetie, take a nap, I need one too anyway, couldn't have come at a better time,' I said" (Source).

  • "Which Babysitter?"

    "Which Babysitter?"

    "My daughter has said some spooky things. She tends to scare easily so we made a conscious effort to make scary things seem magical than threatening. Often this has ended up freaking us out! She had a ghost called Ella as an imaginary friend. Ella had white hair and all-white eyes and she loved playing hide and seek. Her favorite place to hide was in the toilet. Not something I enjoyed thinking about when doing the necessary! My favorite freaky moment was when my daughter was talking to my wife about her babysitter. 'Which babysitter?' my wife asked innocently. 'My ghost babysitter. She hides in the walls and minds me at night,' answered my daughter, 'Look, she's there, behind you!' It took a while for the hairs on the back of my wife's neck to settle down" (Source).

  • Definitely Would Not.

    Definitely Would Not.

    "My youngest boy (we have 3), who is 3yrs old, once asked my wife: 'Mommy, It would be better if you had only 2 sons, wouldn't it?' It was disturbing to imagine why he had concluded that. He is really welcome, loved and we care a lot about him. We never, ever, said something like this, but certainly we did something that led to this feeling. Not good" (Source).

  • A Major Red Flag.

    A Major Red Flag.

    "It was at my cousin's place. We were all sitting around doing our own thing. The kids were playing about. The news was on and started running a story about a very popular actor who was in trouble for abusing his wife. He had reportedly hit her, burnt her with cigarettes, and now, she was hospitalized. This caught our attention and we started talking about how shameful the situation was. Out of the blue, this kid of about 10 years of age, a neighbor, who was playing with my cousin's kids, very casually said - 'What is wrong with that? A husband has the right to beat his wife to correct her'" (Source).

  • Wait… How?!

    Wait… How?!

    "This story is about 20 years old, but is still with me. A former co-worker and his wife were expecting their second child together, and she was experiencing a difficult pregnancy. Their 3- year old son started telling his parents during her multiple doctor's appointments, that his little brother was sick and he couldn't stay. She ended up losing the baby in her second trimester. A boy. Their son then went on to tell them his little brother is waiting and really wants to be 'seen.' She was pregnant again within the year and the now 4- year old was delighted his brother was finally coming to stay, but he was bringing someone else with him, a baby sister but she had the same sickness as baby brother did before. She ended up carrying twins to her 34th week before delivering a boy, shortly before delivering a stillborn baby girl. Their oldest son comforted them and said baby sister would eventually be his daughter. So they would just have to wait to meet her. Big brother would be in his mid- twenties now and I'm intensely curious and slightly terrified" (Source).

  • No. A Hard No.

    No. A Hard No.

    "I was over at my best friends house playing with her 3.5 year old son while she made dinner for us. Her son: I'm going to eat mommy. Me: what? why? Her son: I'm going to use a knife and cut mommy up into pieces, cook her in a pan and then eat her piece by piece. Me: ............. who's going to take care of you and buy you things if you ate mommy? Her son: you are. please..." (Source).

  • Riddle Me This.

    Riddle Me This.

    "There is a riddle that goes like this: A woman goes to a family funeral, meets a distant relative and falls in love with him, but doesn't get his name or phone number. A few weeks later she murders her mother. Why? Did you immediately get the answer? No? Good. The answer is, 'So there will be another family funeral and she'll have another chance to meet her relative.' Supposedly this is a "psychopath test." Normal people can't guess the answer. Psychopaths see it immediately (if you are someone who got the answer to this riddle, please don't kill me). It makes perfect sense to them. Of all the times I've told that riddle, only twice has someone gotten the answer. Both times they were children, pre-teen girls. Both times, instead of explaining the answer and having a good chuckle with my fellow non-psychopaths I had to backpedal, make excuses and change the subject as the budding little ax murderers looked at me quizzically" (Source).

  • Truly Heartbreaking.

    Truly Heartbreaking.

    "I was working at IKEA at a play area for kids. My disturbing story was when a refugee from Iran was at the playground, who was 6 or 7, and was telling me stories how back in Iran men with guns would come to her hut and beat her mother and would take all their food. She was 4 or 5 at the time, and then they managed to escape. At the end she said she was happy in the States. I love kids. They are just so innocent and honest! Until they become one of us..." (Source).

  • Just A Really, Really Creepy Coincidence?

    Just A Really, Really Creepy Coincidence?

    "We were in the park, just chilling with my best friend's family, when all of a sudden the mood of my best friend's daughter changed and she stared at a man in his 50s. Her dad asked what is wrong and reminded her she shouldn't stare at people. She replied that man hurt me. I was taken back with shock, however her dad jumped on the guy and punched him without warning. So my best friend was arrested and the man was taken for questioning. We all went to the police station, I was very concerned about what that man did to my best friend's daughter. So her mom and I asked her where did he hurt her, then she pointed to her shoulder, her mom unzipped the dress and she said show me. Again she pointed to her shoulder, there was no sign of even slight scratch. But she had a huge birth mark. She kept pointing at the birth mark. Now we got relieved because she wasn't hurt but started worrying for her father. So we informed to the police what the little girl said (not in details). Just that she is not hurt and it was big mistake. Several weeks later my friend came up to my apartment and showed me some papers he print out from the Internet. There was two familiar faces, about old man being accused of torturing a little girl, the photo of the victim looked familiar, she didn't exactly look like his daughter but she resembled her, the victim had a shoulder completely burnt. Same area of the birth mark" (Source).

  • "Ummm… HONEY!!!"

    "Ummm… HONEY!!!"

    "At my wife's grandmother's funeral, my oldest daughter Soji (short for Sojourner, only 2 at the time) asked me what was happening to grandma. So I explained that she had passed away, her spirit was no longer with us and we were burying her body in the ground, and taking a day to remember her life and keep her in our hearts. Soji said, 'Oh. You're next'" (Source).

  • Creepy Is An Understatement.

    Creepy Is An Understatement.

    "My son is famous for what we like to call 'creeper moments.' Ever since he was a baby, he'd do weird things like sitting up in the middle of the night and giggle. When I'd look over at the baby monitor, I'd see his little silver reflected eyes (night mode on the camera) staring right at me. It would give me chills. Other times he would point at corners and ask me if I see the person there (he still does this from time to time). When he was two, his friend 'Benny the ghost' was always a famous topic until a year later, he told me Benny was upset and left for good. Also, he frequently tells me at night that 'they're coming' and 'he's coming.' A few of the times he has said this, he points to the same corner in his room. -shivers-" (Source).

  • Not What You Want To Hear In A Hospital.

    Not What You Want To Hear In A Hospital.

    "I was working with a three year old girl suffering from enteric fever. She was quite ill and not responding well to treatment. We were in a poorly equipped hospital and I worried about her constantly On day fifteen of her long ordeal, I was sitting in my office when her mother started crying in a loud voice. I ran to her bedside. The child looked fine. Good pulse, flushed cheeks and bright eyes. Her mother was hysterical. I asked the nurse to give her something to drink and console her. I asked my patient about what happened? This is an exactly what she told me: 'My grandmother came. She was wearing a beautiful red dress. She was riding a golden carriage with a white horse. She told me she has come to take me home. She said that she misses me and that I have spent too many days in this place!' Her mother told me between sobs that the grand mother passed away before this little girl's birth. But the grandmother loved to wear red. I reassured her and told her that her child appears better than yesterday. She is going to get well soon. My little patient passed away in her sleep that night" (Source).

  • "Oh, Yeah, My Other Family."

    "Oh, Yeah, My Other Family."

    "My daughter was 3 and talking about a fire at our house that she was in when the babysitter was minding her. I told her 'but Yasmin you never had a babysitter look after you and we never had a fire.' 'No mummy, not when you was my mummy. When I had a different mummy and daddy.' She said a lot of strange things pertaining to a life that is not ours" (Source).

  • The Worst Nanny Job Ever.

    The Worst Nanny Job Ever.

    "I worked as a professionally trained nanny for many different families. Kids do say some strange things, but most can be shrugged off. Yet there was only one family that, after just one day, I vowed to never work for again. Two kids, a girl about 7 years old, and a boy about 18 months. They were absolute angels when I went for the interview and 'getting to know you' session. So, first day on the job. The mom leaves, and immediately the baby starts sobbing, the most terrified, heartbreaking wails you've ever heard. Way beyond normal separation anxiety. I'm trying all my tricks and songs to sooth him and I ask the older child if he had a favorite movie we could put on. She goes to the TV cabinet, and comes back with a stack of horror movies. I calmly explained I meant something more like Barney or Sesame Street. She got angry and said 'we don't watch that garbage.' I refused to let her put any of the violent films on, so she went to the corner to pout. Still, the baby is shrieking. This went on a while. Eventually, I could smell the baby had a dirty diaper. Every time I went near him, his screams turned ear piercing. I thought eventually he would tire out and sleep, but no. At my wits end, I gave in and called the mother. No answer. By this point I was almost in tears too. Finally, he calmed a bit, to hiccuping sobs,and I managed to get him to lay down on the changing pad on the floor. So as I'm on my knees on the floor changing the baby, I hear a sound behind me, turn to find the little girl holding an enormous butcher knife. She looks me in the eye with a dead serious look and says, 'Let's play Chucky.' Carefully kept myself between her and the baby, said 'No sweetheart, that's not a toy. Let's put it away now, ok?' She looked very disappointed, but handed the knife over and went back to playing with her toys. After putting it away and taking a few deep breaths, I went back to the baby. He hadn't moved, still laying on the changing pad brokenhearted sobbing. Finished changing him, still bent down on the floor trying to sooth him. Suddenly the little girl came running over, jumped on the sofa behind me, then jumped on my back. I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, she pulled the hood over my head and started trying to choke me with it. Fortunately still just a tiny girl and me a full grown adult, it wasn't terribly difficult to throw us back on the sofa and dislodge her, although she did get best to choke me, and I'm doing my best not to hurt her. Between the hysterical toddler and murderous girl, I'm sorely tempted to just run out the door. 'I am the adult.' I reminded myself. Turned to the girl and firmly told her 'go to your room, you are in time out.' I held my breath, sure she would defy me. She glared and said 'You're going to jail,' then went to her room and closed the door. Finished cleaning up the still sobbing baby when I heard a huge THUMP noise from the girls room. Ran there to find she had locked the door, and from the sound of it she was running across the room, then flinging herself against the door, over and over. I imagined she would be covered in bruises, and I would get the blame. I could see the police coming to get me, and no one would believe the story of this day. Fortunately as part of my training we'd been trained in how to pop most interior locks, so it only took a few minutes to open the door, but she jumped against it more than a dozen times. When I opened it, she ran and jumped on her bed and started shrieking into the pillows. I sat in the corner where I could see both her and the baby, and cried. Eventually the toddler calmed and started playing with his toys, the girl began playing with her dolls. I made them lunch and mostly watched without trying to interact, and they were fine. If I went within 10 feet of the toddler, he would start the terrified shrieking again, so I put juice cups and snacks on a low table for him and kept my distance. When the Mom came home (3 hours late without calling) I informed her that it wasn't going to work out, gave an abbreviated report of the day, and hauled tail out of there. She later called and apologized, laughed about the 'rough day' and assured me they would be fine when they got to know me better. I politely but firmly declined. For the next couple years ever so often the mom would call and beg me to come back. Apparently they had much difficulty keeping caregivers" (Source).

  • The Terrifying Inner Workings Of The Mind.

    The Terrifying Inner Workings Of The Mind.

    "I shared a room with my little brother when we were very young. One night when he was about four he broke out the following thought experiment: Him: You know, I could kill you. Me: No, you couldn't. I'm bigger and stronger than you. Him: No, I would kill you before you could do anything. Me: Mom and Dad would stop you. Him: Oh, I'd kill them, too. Me: The police would come and shoot you. Him: I'd kill them all before they could. Me: The army would blow you up. Him: No, I'd kill them. Me: Someone in the world would stop you. Him: I'll kill the whole world... He seems to have grown up into a reasonably pleasant and well-adjusted man, but sometimes I look at him, remember that conversation from our childhood, and wonder what's really going on inside his head now" (Source).

  • A Scary Realization.

    A Scary Realization.

    "I was in a cafe in Qingdao China when a group of ten year old kids decided to practice their English on me. They were bright eager kids who were excited to talk to a 'foreigner.' They asked all kinds of questions about what I was doing in China and what America was like. Then one of them asked me if I was a spy. Most Americans he explained were spies. This was followed by a string of patriotic declarations about the supremacy of China, really nasty stuff about Japan and Japanese people and talk about how China would never be humiliated again. The kids all sort of worked themselves into frenzy about it. It wasn't like any one single thing was all that bad, but the way they all turned like a school of fish into this jingoistic rant was scary, and pretty f--ked up. It made me worry about the future a little more than I had before, because this is the language people use for war. It has haunted me ever since" (Source).

  • Roll It Up.

    Roll It Up.

    "My eldest started speaking relatively early, and by the time she was 2 she could keep up a conversation. She was particularly talkative when we were in the car, and she would sometimes begin making up stories with what she saw was going on outside the car. We heard things like: 'The man in the motorcycle is going to see his grandma because she called him,' or 'that woman is waiting for a bus to go buy bread.' One day, as we were coming home, I hear her saying something, followed by a gasp. My wife asked 'Did you just hear what she said?' I obviously hadn't. Turns out she had said 'Caro (my wife's nickname) is falling out the window because she left it open, and she is getting run over by a truck because she didn't look both ways.' We just laughed. Nervously. As we raised the windows" (Source).

  • A Family Bond.

    A Family Bond.

    "This isn't the most disturbing thing a kid said to me, but it's something I told my mom as a kid that disturbed her. I don't believe in ghosts, but apparently when I was a kid, I interacted with my grandfather's ghost. My grandpa was a prominent politician and he was assassinated while giving a speech. No one told me that he died or how he died. I was three years old. One day while I was playing, I suddenly told my mom, 'Mommy, (I) pity grandpa...' She asked me why. I said, 'Because there's a hole in his chest.' My mom (wondering how I ever got hold of that information) asked me what I meant and I replied, 'He's there, standing in front of the mirror.' That wasn't the last time. We were moving out of our old apartment and I wouldn't leave. My mom asked me why I didn't want to go and I told her, 'Grandpa is sad that we're leaving, he still wants to play.' Wherever you are grandpa, may you rest in peace" (Source).