Why Austin's Public Art Is Just As Compelling As The City's SXSW Festival

March 14, 2016

Wandering through Austin in mid-March, one can't help noticing a presence that's just as engaging as the South by Southwest Feestival taking place now in the Texas capital. We're talking about the city's incredible collection of public art.


On nearly every street corner, on nearly every building, in nearly every park, there’s some type of amazing art. Love statues? Find one on Second Street. Prefer graffiti? Go to Castle Hill. Abstract sculpture? Honestly, you can find that just about everywhere in Austin, and the city is all the better for it!




“Art everywhere” even includes sidewalks. As you rush between SXSW events, make sure to look down every once in a while. You might be surprised by some gorgeous mosaics or whimsical metal patterns!


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The city also is full of amazing murals, including this one at Trinity and Cypress. Check out this “Travel & Leisure” piece for more about the gorgeous art you’ll see on the sides of so many Austin buildings and businesses.




The art isn’t just a SXSW thing, either. Austin’s government actually encourages and funds public art as part of its annual budget.  The Texas capita was the first municipality in the Lone Star State  to make a commitment to include works of art in construction projects. By ordinance, 2 percent of eligible capital improvement project budgets are allocated to commission or purchase art for that site. We’d say that’s money well spent!